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In April of 2003, a discussion forum called the World Renewable Energy Association (WORREA) was launched. With the World’s focus increasing on alternative energies and sustainability, our forum grew to over 6,000 members in just a few years.

A subject matter discussed continually within the forums was the lack of an impartial website that gives knowledge and information about renewables without being biased towards particular sectors within the Industry or that was simply an advertising platform. A one-stop shop for the renewable energy professional appeared to be the solution.

So, fifteen members of that original forum decided to form a dedicated website to encourage discussion and interaction between the industry leaders and the general public. This was funded completely from personal finance and the decision was made to make the website completely free for all members. It remains that way today.

The original concept included a Technology, Forum and Jobs sections. Today our website, www.worldofrenewables.net (WoR hereafter), has enjoyed the same rapid growth as our forums did all those years ago. WoR has expanded to include specific sector sites (such as World Of Photovoltaics.com, World Of Bioenergy.com) as part of the World Of Renewables Network.

World of Renewables.net

World of Renewables Network is a progressive online evolution for an association of registered bona fide Renewable Energy buyers, specifiers and industry professionals.

We are not a random website about Renewable Energy created to simply generate advertising revenue. We are a collection of Global Renewable Energy Professionals from every sector within the energy business and our website provides an online platform where they can all surface. Our membership is viable, real and requires an authentic sign-up process. Please be aware that we are not comparable with other websites labelled as ‘Renewable Energy portals’. Our service is sincere, has an ongoing purpose and a definable direction.

Although a large selection of websites for the renewable sectors were available, most appeared to contain unaccomplished information and be biased towards particular technologies and/or sectors. We decided it was time that all Renewable Energy professionals had a completely dependable, unbiased and free association that strives to be the very best without any limitations or cost to the user.

Included but not exclusively:

Posted daily Renewable Energy News. Hundreds of RSS feeds provide unparalleled ‘NEWS AS IT HAPPENS’ from the most noted and highly respected journalists, writers and industry experts. Our comprehensive Directory Of Companies lists over 5,000 Renewable Energy companies and Organisations world-wide.

Our members know that this reliable source lists all of the available services so that they can research the most suitable supplier for any product. We don’t limit the companies we include to those that only pay for the privilege as on launch we included a free listing for many companies.

Our respected monthly e-Newsletters provide our members with email assisted up-to-date news, legislation changes, important updates, the latest products, services and much more.

Our extensive expertise, built through a long history in publishing, has led to an impressive array of products. Our well-respected websites have established themselves as leading sources of information within the industries they serve.

Our mission is to provide senior executives, decision-makers and business communities throughout the world with valued information and services, by communicating industry developments, offering informed opinion and promoting our customers’ products and services.

With 1,000’s of clients worldwide, attracting 4million+ users montlhly, delivering 30million+ pages of content in more than 63 countries, World of Renewables has been considered by many as the World’s #1 Renewable Energy Network.

Ultimately, our goals are simple: to increase the awareness and understanding of the Renewable Energy industry and to increase the installations of RE products world-wide.

Our Network:

World of Renewables
World of Bioenergy
World of Cogeneration
World of Energy Storage
World of Inverters
World of Photovoltaics
World of Solar Thermal
World of Wind Energy


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