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Geothermal power plants are a leading provider of permanent, on-site employment in California and the West. As part of its annual industry assessment roll out, the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) released preliminary data showing that there were 3,150 permanent, on-site employees at their power plants, or 1.17 permanent jobs per megawatt installed. This is 19 times reported onsite employment of wind projects and 5 times reported onsite employment for solar projects according to GEA. “In addition to environmental and reliability benefits, geothermal power has important economic values to local communities,” noted Ben Matek, GEA's Industry Analyst & Research Projects Manager. “While [...]
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SunEdison, Inc. SUNE, +1.43% the world's largest renewable energy developer, and TerraForm Power, Inc. TERP, +0.87% a global owner and operator of clean energy power plants, today announced that they have completed their previously announced acquisition of First Wind Holdings, LLC. In the transaction, TerraForm Power purchased 500 MW of operating wind power plants and 21 MW of operating solar power plants from First Wind. The portfolio has an average counterparty credit rating of A- and brings the weighted average remaining PPA life to 16 years for the entire TerraForm fleet. The portfolio is expected to add $73 million [...]
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As the demand for renewable energy increases, the needs of system integrators and installers are rapidly evolving as well. Manufacturers globally are responding by engineering extensive balance-of-system components into pre-assembled systems to give installers the best of both worlds. This issue explores the current technologies and materials in the field of renewable energy management and storage. The post Optimizing PV Systems e-Feature Part 2 – Energy Storage appeared first on World Of Photovoltaics. [...]
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