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THE UK's first ever bus powered on food waste and human poo has taken to the road today which engineers believe could provide a sustainable way of fuelling public transport – cutting emissions in polluted towns and cities. The 40-seater Bio-Bus, which runs on gas generated through the treatment of sewage and food waste that's unfit for human consumption, helps to improve urban air quality as it produces fewer emissions than traditional diesel engines.Running on waste products that are both renewable and sustainable, the bus can travel up to 300km on a full tank of gas generated at Bristol sewage treatment [...]
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Angola is undertaking an extensive investment programme in order to solve the country's energy supply problems – Lahmeyer.de In the long term, the government is aiming to export electricity. The opening of the river diversion for the Laúca Hydropower Project in early September by the President of the Republic of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos, marked a significant step forward. Lahmeyer supervised the project during its two-year construction phase. Two horse-shoe shaped tunnels with an inner diameter of 14 m, a total length of 1,021 m, and the corresponding intake and outlet structures divert the water of River Kwanza. They are designed [...]
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Scottish developers Intelligent Land Investments (Renewable Energy) are negotiating almost £40million worth of contracts with investors from Europe and England for onshore single wind turbine developments. Now that the uncertainty over Scotland's future has been settled with the independence referendum decision, a number of big players in the renewables sector from outside the country have come forward with ambitions to enter into formal partnerships with the company, who are based in Hamilton, Lanarkshire. ILI RE are an investment management company who focus on the creation of planning gain for landowners and leaseholders through renewable energy projects such as onshore wind generation and [...]
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