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Recently custom builders of aspen was contracted to build the largest residential off grid power system in the state of Colorado. Located 5 miles from the nearest power line, this 10,000 square foot residence, along with a 15,000 square foot horse barn was originally built with a new series “hybrid” solar inverted that lacked a solid history of reliable field operations. Consequently, after two years of trouble shooting to get the system to work reliably, the system was abandoned. A forensic report was completed and engineering for a new system was recommended. The original superintendent for the building, Karl k. [...]
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The updated PowerWAVE 6000 UPS; with best-in-class performance delivering up to 5 MVA of clean, reliable power. The PowerWAVE 6000 is a true online, double conversion UPS system that delivers the best combination of availability, energy efficiency, overall power performance and lowest total cost of ownership in its class. The PowerWAVE 6000 offers both intelligent energy management and maximum power protection, using less energy, reducing costs and saving valuable floor space. Single unit capacities are from 60 kVA to 500 kVA and the units are 10x parellelable. The class leading efficiency (up to 96%) is achieved due to its transformerless design and [...]
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Europe sees a renaissance of the privately owned PV system: again, and more than ever, the „Energiewende“ is fueled by the commitment of the citizens. KACO new energy supports owners and installers with two residential lines of the new blueplanet solar PV inverters with output powers between 3 and 9 kilowatts. The inverters will be introduced in December and early 2015. The transformerless blueplanet TL1 (1-phase) and blueplanet TL3 (3-phase) come with a plethora of features you would have to pay extra for elsewhere: they have all useful features “on board” to elegantly meet the requirements that come with installation, operations [...]
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