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Canadian Solar Inc. (the “Company”, or “Canadian Solar”) (NASDAQ: CSIQ), one of the world's largest solar power companies, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Canadian Solar Solutions Inc. will provide 4 megawatt (“MW”) / 2.76 megawatt/hour (“MWh”) of stationary on-grid bulk energy storage to Independent Electricity System Operator (“IESO”) to support the Ontario grid. The 4 MW project will provide an energy storage solution for ancillary services applications in Ontario by leveraging Canadian Solar's extensive project development expertise and success in the Canadian energy market. In addition, this project was one of twelve selected by IESO in a competitive [...]
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SolarCity (Nasdaq:SCTY) today announced it has entered into contract with Walmart for the installation of new solar projects at facilities in up to 36 states over the next four years. SolarCity has completed more than 200 solar projects at Walmart locations since 2010. SolarCity has also installed and tested energy storage projects co-located with solar power generation at 13 Walmart facilities since early 2013, and will be incorporating ten additional storage projects in the next year. Since the company's last announcement in 2013, SolarCity has installed nearly 50 solar projects for Walmart including: Arizona – 10 carport and 2 rooftop projects totaling [...]
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Recently custom builders of aspen was contracted to build the largest residential off grid power system in the state of Colorado. Located 5 miles from the nearest power line, this 10,000 square foot residence, along with a 15,000 square foot horse barn was originally built with a new series “hybrid” solar inverted that lacked a solid history of reliable field operations. Consequently, after two years of trouble shooting to get the system to work reliably, the system was abandoned. A forensic report was completed and engineering for a new system was recommended. The original superintendent for the building, Karl k. [...]
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